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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

  • Let’s go, Tokyo!

    Ever since having seen the film Lost in Translation a few too many times, I’ve been fascinated with a visit to Tokyo. The streets! The lights! The food! The opportunity to go somewhere totally strange and alien! Naturally, the Tokyo marathon soon hit the top of the “races I want to do” list. It can […]

  • Flying through Hamburg

    SPOILER ALERT! This story has a happy ending! Back in April 2010 I ran the London marathon, setting an impressive PB of 3:30:09. Annoyingly, since then I’ve not been able to get anywhere close. More annoyingly, thanks to volcanic ash clouds (long story!) it was also run in someone else’s name. In Hamburg 2016 I […]

  • The benefits of immigration

    Immigration is a hotly contested issue, particularly ahead of the June referendum on a potential BRexit.’s co-founder Pawel Cebula is a strong proponent of the benefits of immigration, particularly when it comes to ensuring greater diversity and innovation in the tech/start-up sector. Amid news that the UK government will soon restrict the number of […]

  • Running

  • Raising Awareness of EU Healthcare Directive for Irish patients

    Under the EU Directive for cross border healthcare, patients across Europe are entitled to treatment in other member countries. This provision can be especially useful to help patients get faster access to care in, for example, countries with long waiting lists. Take-up of the Directive, is however limited. In Ireland, stats from the HSE showed […]

  • What’s app, doc? Article in Exberliner magazine

    Exberliner is an English-language magazine published monthly here in Berlin. The magazine has recently launched a start-up section and I pitched a freelance contribution about medical-related start-ups in Berlin. Mobile health (mHealth) is a booming industry, and a number of Berlin start-ups are attracting attention worldwide. The article looked at the rise in demand for […]